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Working Together For A Brighter Future in Timor-Leste

Timor Resources is committed to developing its onshore oil and gas projects for the benefit of all stakeholders. Working with the local and broader communities of Timor-Leste is an integral part of our development strategy.

Socially responsible development is a core aspect of our company culture and strategy and we are committed to the social and economic development of Timor-Leste. By creating jobs and business opportunities for the local communities we will help Timor-Leste prosper in the years ahead

Timor-Leste Community Presence and Engagement

Timor Resources is committed to open and accountable processes that encourage stakeholder engagement throughout all stages of project development. The Company has established an extensive and ongoing stakeholder engagement program that builds on the pro-active approach to consultation that commenced in early 2016 after identifying the opportunity in Timor-Leste. Stakeholders consulted include a broad range and diverse cross-section of government, industry and community representatives.  The Company also has an established in-country presence, with a permanent office located in Dili, employing a group of highly experienced staff, on a full time basis, across strategy, operations and finance functions.


Community Interaction.

  • Strong community presence in contract areas
  • Over 6 years of consistent commitment from Timor Resources demonstrated by our water and agriculture projects that we have completed.
  • We provided water supply to communities with the construction of water towers, building access roads to connect the community to the water river, putting in irrigation for farmers and running pipes into the villages to bring the water into the village centers. We have worked with the community of Labarai, BeMos, Manufahi, Covalima,  communities.
  • We have created employment for 550 local people on short and long term contracts.
  • Multiplier effect of project on local businesses and revenue through WHT and import duties for the nation aswell as sonsumption of services and goods from local Timorese companies.

Employment, education and Capacity Building.

Developing strong, respectful relationships with community members and consulting with individuals or groups who are interested in or impacted – positively or negatively – by our activities, protects our operational stability. Wherever possible, we seek to involve communities in decision-making and to gather the views of our stakeholders.

All our community engagement and consultation considers local land-use rights, cultural heritage and practices.
Our information dissemination, negotiation and engagement activities consider local decision-making customs and conventions.  We have established local community liaison officers in our contract areas to facilitate ongoing communications and two-way-feedback.  Our Community Affairs specialists make regular visits to the villages, providing the opportunity for communities to raise concerns or grievances and discuss development projects or sponsorship opportunities. All the visits and resulting commitments are recorded centrally.

Timor Resources employs Timorese nationals on short and long term contracts. Timor Resource’s policy for employment is to advertise and to recruit from the local Timorese community. Timor Resources strives to provide employment opportunities for the people of Timor-Leste. Foreign personnel are only hired when the local candidates, do not meet the skills and experience necessary to perform a specialized role.

Timor Resources has a policy to utilise as many Timor-Leste supply and service companies as possible.
The project will have a significant multiplier effect for the community and the ountry at large. The positive impacts are identified as employment, consumption of local goods and services, paying of local taxes and import duties as well as the benefits from the CSR programs Timor Resources has  undertaken and will continue to undertake during the project, namely our horticulture pilot program that is now underway, and our water infrastructure program that we initiated in 2017 and have consistently acted on to ensure water is “on tap” in the villages on the South Coast.

After identifying the investment opportunity in Timor-Leste in 2016, Timor Resources has invested significant time in building strong in-country relationships with key government bodies. 

Photo: Prime Minister of Timor-Leste  Taur Matan Ruak and CEO of Timor Resources Suellen Osborne in September 2022.